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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Take Three Thursday: A Midsummer's Evening

Today is the longest day, the beginning of Summer and also the day for joining Mary Lou with her Take Three Thursday.
This evening we met some friends for supper in a local village pub called The Druids Arms. You may think this is a curious name but the village has its very own standing stones circle plus three more stones in the pub beer garden. The pub was lively when we arrived. Many locals had turned out to watch the Morris men dancing. There were two groups  taking it in turn to dance.
It was a quintessentially English evening.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Around Lanhydrock Gardens

I hope I am not boring you all silly with some of my pictures of Lanhydrock House because I have some more today and more SPSH pictures to show too. Today however I have a few pictures of the gardens and grounds. The gardens to the front of the house are mainly formal and include a lot of clipped yew trees and hedges. 

Symmetrical rose beds nearest the gate are already looking beautiful.

Some of the formal beds are actually best appreciated from the windows of the house to see the overall effect of them. It wasn't possible to get a photo from there so this was the best I could manage.

The church dominates one side of the house and is of sizeable proportions in relation to the house.

The ground climbs steeply behind the house and church.

Then up above is a more informal garden that is probably at its best during the camellia and rhododendron season. It includes informal beds and features such as a small cottage and well (actually a spring).

There are plenty of paths to wander around and lots of colours in the beds. This poppy was particularly striking.

As was this peony.

It's a garden that warrants more time than we had to spare on our journey home.

Monday, 18 June 2018

What Else Did I Find?

Yesterday I posted a picture of the estate office at Lanhydrock with the question of how many prompts you could see in the picture for The Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt. The ones I had in mind were No. 7 An Unexpected Reflection (of me in the picture as mentioned by Debbie), No. 12 Bell(s) ( a call bell for servants on the wall and an old fashioned telephone on the desk) and No. 13 Equal Portions ( the letter scales on the desk).

Maybe I am pushing the boundaries by choosing scales for Equal Portions but they definitely need to balance equally! There were lots of balance scales in the Lanhydrock kitchens each one with a particular purpose and also letter scales in the studies.  Take your pick!

Some are tidier than others.

Meat/ game scales?

The invention of digital scales may be more accurate but they have banished these beautiful scales from our houses.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

A Few Details at Lanhydrock

I posted on Friday views of Lanhydrock House in Cornwall framed through doors and arches. I also found some various bits for the Photo Hunt but today I am showing a few snippets that took my eye but don't fit into one category.
The Victorian kitchens are a must to see. I didn't take any pictures of the whole rooms but just a few items. There was a room for each aspect of cooking, an early segregation of food for the food hygiene inspector! The butchers room had lots of delightful carcasses hung up but it was the meat cleaver and butcher's block that amused me. Very well used!

The egg boxes could be useful around here but wouldn't take the numbers we produce!

Another intriguing part of the house is the suite of nursery rooms which also includes details of one of the nannies. After becoming a widow at a relatively young age she had left her own children in someone else's care to come and look after the children at Lanhydrock. These little pairs of shoes give us a taste of the little ones who lived in the house.

This last picture is of the estate office in the house. I took this as part of the scavenger hunt with at least 3 prompts visible in this picture. Can you work out what they are?

Friday, 15 June 2018

A Double Challenge

I have had some more photos ready to show which illustrate No. 3 of the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt A Framed View.   Yesterday  Nancy Maerill set a challenge Openings which is again asking for a view through a frame of some description. I have therefore combined the two challenges to give you a slightly different view of a property in East Cornwall.
 Lanhydrock is a large estate just outside Bodmin. It has been owned by The National Trust since 1953. It had previously been the home of the Robates family since the 1620's. Sadly the male heir Tommy was killed during the First World War and despite being one of 10 his siblings left no heir to the estate. The house is left as it was in late Victorian times and is an imposing granite building. 

I will give you a framed peep of different parts of the house and grounds. The first view is what you see when you approach the arched gateway looking up to the house.

Then looking backwards through the same arch. The gateway is actually part of a hunting lodge and was not actually built big enough for the carriages which had to sweep around the side of the house by the stable yard. This is the view looking back out the main door of the house.

While touring the house there were a few opportunities to peep back outside. Some of the windows had very old glass which gave too distorted a view with the exception of this one again looking towards the gatehouse.

The Victorian kitchens are extensive with a whole suite of different rooms. There are many such corridors as this to walk through. The panel on the wall at the end is relevant to another scavenger prompt for another day.

This gate looked out of the kitchen corridor into a courtyard. Probably once a busy thoroughfare for servants.

Back outside in the stableyard a grand old fortified door separates the stables from the formal gardens.

The church is directly behind the house and is viewed here through the main gate.

Then the back of the churchyard from the upper gardens.

That is where my 'framed tour' ends!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Take Three Thursday: Pale Pink

On a Thursday I join Mary Lou with her meme Take Three Thursday where we show three photos of items that have caught our attention during the week. This time I have chosen three roses from the multitude of beautiful blooms around at the moment. These three are quite different from each other but all pale pink.
The first is C├ęcile Brunner and is on a now sizeable bush in our garden.

The second two are both in the garden at Godolphin.

They are all quite different but each equally beautiful.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A Peep over the Cliff

It is very difficult to pass the signpost  to Godrevy without turning the car in that direction. We certainly didn't manage to drive straight by last week on our return journey from Godolphin. Godrevy for those who don't know is a headland owned by The National Trust just outside Hayle and not far from St Ives. It is a beautiful piece of Cornish coastline totally unspoilt and an area rich with wildlife. The weather wasn't the best but Godrevy Lighthouse is just visible on an island just off the peninsula.

We had a quick leg stretch here and wandered up to see the seal colony that collect in a small cove particularly at this time of year. Sometimes they can be all laid out on the beach like sausages in a pan but on this occasion they were more difficult to spot. 

They were mainly out on the rocks.

It's times like this that you wish you had brought the binoculars!

It is very important to stay quiet when viewing them. No shouting, no dog barking. The seals can be easily disturbed and damage themselves if they panic and rush into the water.

This little fellow was showing off in the water.

The area is also a lovely place ffor a variety of wild flowers.

 The overall effect is picturesque.

This was just a whistle top visit but I am sure the charisma of the place will lure us back again.