Sunday, 18 October 2020

More Happiness

I have been busy gardening most afternoons this week making the most of the dry weather. There is quite a lot to do tidying up, digging up shrubs and plants that are getting out of hand then planting bulbs and wallflowers. It’s still not a complete tidy up because a lot of the summer annuals are still flowering. It means however that I have little time for taking any photos. Never fear! I still have some more scarecrows to show you.

You will recall that the theme is Happiness and some are a little tenuous! Here are a few more. Who remembers this children’s programme? Somebody has put it a lot of work making it.

This is actually a model of a whole street in the village and includes little figures taking part in the Clap for Carers.

Going on holiday? A happy time for all!

A clever use of a common phrase. I can’t help but ask if that is Boris clambering out of that hole?

So what is the answer to this one? The clue is Loves the Great Outdoors and the category is Activity. Could it be ‘Happy Up’ or ‘Tour of the Valley’? It could be ‘Holidays’ but surely that must be the travellers on the plane above? 

This is a well known character. Clue: Baaaah-Roman! 
Poppy was quite perplexed by the sheep. 

I was more perplexed by the accompanying shepherd. Those kind of eyes that just stare. Farmer Daughter wondered if it was real cider in the flagons. 

There has certainly been considerable time spent on the thinking and creation of these scarecrows!

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Giving a Name to Happiness

 It’s that time of year when around here lots of interesting scarecrows have appeared. The trail is a fundraising event for a local charity called A Siblings Wish which was established in memory of local boy  called Harvey Hext and provides support for bereaved children. The theme this year is Happiness which is a wide but cheering choice. My friend and I went on a little walk round some of them. I thought I would share a few of them with you.

When you buy a map it includes an answer sheet giving all the names of the scarecrows. Each entry has a clue and a category to help match each scarecrow to it’s name.

You maybe able to see that this one is in the TV and Film group. The main clue is in the face.

Not all are actual scarecrows.

Most of you will probably recognise this chappie.

This household always produce a large and elaborate entry. This is obviously The Gruffalo but that is not the actual answer...

The church has a very appropriate choice. The best day of your life.

Then the community shop. 

You probably need to be of a certain age to recognise this happy chap and I guarantee he will start you singing.

Who remembers fuzzy felt?

You can see there has is quite a range of subjects and style!

Monday, 12 October 2020

The Adventures of Tiggy the Cat

Farmer Husband and I only have one cat now. Tiggy was always a little aloof and spent a lot of time outside when we still had Socks but in the last year he has settled very comfortably into his solo cat status. Occasionally he will join me for a walk and other times I will encounter him out hunting when I am out in the fields with Poppy.

The other day Tiggy joined us on one of these walks.

He has novel way of getting through the gates. 

Then it’s off again across the fields.

It appears that he is also an accomplished tight rope walker.

Ouch! How does he do it?

Feeling a little proud of himself.

Then it’s off to do a bit of hunting.

Meanwhile what a beautiful sky.

Friday, 9 October 2020

Snippets of the Season

 It’s surprising what you can find when you wander out with the camera. My afternoon walk with Poppy took me down around the quarry. Signs of the fruitfulness of Autumn. The first field which is next to the house has a mixture of Horse Chestnut and Sweet Chestnut trees. The recent wind and rain has resulted in a scattering of conkers and sweet chestnut.

Would you be able to resist picking up a shiny conker?

Poppy was soon looking to see what was holding me up.

The warm damp weather combined with a north facing wooded slope on one side of the tump (old slag heap) has created the ideal conditions for a riot of toadstools.

The windy weather has also brought down a sycamore tree. I can just a climb over it.

Note as well how muddy the track is where the sheep have been walking about. The sheep are put in the quarry at this time of year to eat back the grass once the wild flowers have finished dropping their seeds.

A few sloes left around. I’m not a fan of sloe gin.

The oak leaves are turning and there a large number of sizeable acorns around.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Even a Flower Can Tell a Story.

 Last year I bought two plants called Cosmos Atrosanguineus  commonly known as Chocolate Cosmos. This is a tuberous perennial which has dark red almost brown flowers. It also tends to be on the tender side. The first came from my visit to Highgrove House and the second from the local green grocer. Unfortunately I omitted to realise that they needed protection over the winter. The first became completely lost whilst the second looked decidedly miserable! Meanwhile my mum had one also from Highgrove  which she had in a pot on her balcony and then her gardener sensibly over wintered in the greenhouse.

Roll on to the Spring. Mum’s came out of the greenhouse looking vigorous. Mine looked liked twigs! I kept a beady eye on it and then one afternoon when Farmer Husband was tidying up the border I noticed it was missing. There it was discarded in his wheelbarrow...... On fishing it out I was quick to point out that although it looked dead if he had put his glasses on he would have seen two tiny shoots. He has not been allowed to forget this. I potted the saved plant and kept my eye on it as it gradually recovered and then replanted it. I removed at this stage a shoot and brought it on in a pot.

By now it was Summer. Mum’s was flowering profusely. Mine were growing leaves...... Constant mutterings aimed at Farmer Husband....

Mid September comes and we finally have some buds on the potted one. 

There is hope at last!
The end of September and finally a flower. Early October and flower number two.

Farmer Husband would probably say that throwing it out was the best move. I would say that patience is always rewarded. There is one certainty. I shall be putting them somewhere in pots that is safe from frosts this winter and also away from somebody’s wheelbarrow.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

A Little Bit of Cheerfulness

 What a wet weekend! I have been perfectly happy staying indoors and catching up on a few jobs. I was quite grateful not to have to walk Poppy on Saturday with Farmer Daughter taking her out first thing and one of her tenants doing the afternoon walk. This afternoon it actually stopped raining and Poppy and I managed a walk without any showers. The worst bit is dealing with the wet dog when we get back! Luckily she is as good as gold and will happily sit wrapped in her towels.

Anyway I digress. I thought with all this wet weather and continuing miserable news a few photos of my garden on more sunny days might just cheer us all up.

The early morning sun shining through one of the cosmos flowers. This year the sensation mix tall cosmos have been very slow to get going and have been all leaf and little flower. Finally when it is almost too late they are flowering!

The border outside our dining room window was looking rather ragged. The addition of some cosmos, rudbeckia annuals and the inherited dahlia have given some varied colour with the aster that was already there.

Rudbeckia and malope fill a bed we have recently cleared.

Then a few of our dahlias.

Finally to close the evening sun coming through the creeper on the railings.

Friday, 2 October 2020


 Today I am joining Eileen at with her September challenge to take photos with  the theme green. These were all collected in September but I am a little delayed posting them.

This combine harvester was in a field near Trevone. It appears to have broken down and another combine has cut round it leaving a small patch under the front. I had to send this photo of it to my girls because it was still in the same position we had seen it in two weeks later when Farmer Husband and I walked by.

I had to include a John Deere tractor.

Farmer Daughter seems to think the greengage tree is a good place for her hose reel.

Oh! I realised when swapping my rechargeable batteries in my camera that they are.... GREEN

One of my daughters chose this cheese dish to keep from my mother in law. She then changed her mind and left in on my kitchen window sill. I decided it looked quite good there.

The National Trust logo.

Just outside my door.

The tomato said to the courgette.....

Lovely green leaves.

Then in the garden.

The veg garden 

There are plenty of greens to eat.

Succulents in the sun.

Raindrops on the leaves.

There is some green left in those agapanthus heads and I am still holding out on the secateurs!


No apples left on the tree but the leaves are still green.

We bought Brother in Law a Ginko tree.

Green reflections.

A luscious green lawn.

Thanks Eileen for the challenge. Looking forward to the next.