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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fly Tipping

We are lucky to have a lot of pretty country lanes and bridlepaths around us. They are enjoyed by many walkers, runners, cyclists and horseriders. They are also a vital link for farmers to reach their fields.
An increasing problem on many of these lanes is fly tipping

It is becoming a regular occurence to find sights like this on our beautiful lanes. General opinion seems to be that the problem is exacebated by the strict rules at local council sights not allowing any commercial vehicles to tip. The council then have to spend money eventually sending out a lorry to remove all this debris. Not that that gives anyone the excuse to treat our countryside like this.

There has even been flytipping in the middle of some of the small roads causing cars to have to reverse back out of the lanes.
Please think carefully who you ask to take your rubbish away!

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