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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt Summary

The end of summer is here and the Summertime  Photography Scavenger Hunt is officially over. I have already posted my pictures and sometimes more than one. I have collected together one of each for the final link with Rinda
I have had great fun doing the hunt, being new to blogging it has been a good opportunity to link up with other bloggers. It has made me keep my eyes open and has involved help from both family and friends.

No.1 A Sign Welcoming you to your home town or village.

I chose a stone sign to a local village that was placed in celebration of the Millenium.

No. 2 A Garden Gnome

Gnomes eventually seemed to be appearing everywhere! I have chosen one in a friend's garden that I visit regularly but I had never noticed him before!

No. 3 Birds on a Wire

 It was interesting to see how many people lived in areas with no over head wires. Lucky them! We often have power cuts or interference to our phone line in bad weather. It does however give an ideal chance to watch our summer visitors the swallows. I have indeed followed the swallow chicks on my blog. So here they are! The chicks newly fledged collecting outside my kitchen window.

They are now gone until next summer. What a lot of miles they have ahead of them!

No 4 A Group of Tourists

My first visit to the USA gave me just the chance to snap some of the other tourists in Washington.

 No. 5 A Rack of Postcards

Again easy to achieve on holiday!

 No. 6 An Urban Street Scene

I snapped this one pretty early on and could have done better but I am still fascinated as to why anyone would want to sit on a piece of artificial grass in a city like Bath with so many beautiful parks and squares!

No.7 A Rural Landscape 

Plenty of choice for this one when you live on a farm but the field with a view plus the combine harvester depicts our summer.

No 8  A tattoo on a person

did feel rather intrusive catching this one. The hot weather certainly meant there wer plenty on view!

No. 9 A Bakery

None of the bakeries I saw looked very appealing so I chose a historical aspect. The bakery in the kitchens of a stately home called Dyrham Park.

No. 10  A photo Bomb

Whoops! There were several heads in the wrong place when trying to photograph my daughter at her prom.

No 11 A Horn

I again found quite a variety but this sheep certainly had a winner.

No.12 A Mascot

A trip to a Baseball Game ( not a match as my Canadian/ American 2nd cousin told me) was a first for me. What an interesting experience! What an added bonus to have a mascot. Screech the Washington Nats Mascot appeared during the Presidents Race (and what a curious thing that is too!)

No.13 A Sunrise

I only got up once to get this one! 

No. 14 A parade.

The Royal Welsh Show had a grand parade of all the prize winning stock.

No.15 A juggler

I guess I cheated slightly on this one. My visitor found me this picture in a children's book at Dyrham Park.

They are juggling!

No. 16 A Sign in another language other than English

A visit to Wales gave plenty of scope for this. The Welsh are very proud of their language and everything is in Welsh and English. Welsh is taught in all schools and it's importance I depicted in thie sign.

No. 17 A lamp post

This challenge has really made me notice lamp posts and I could have photographed hundreds in all sorts of places. Thie was the first I found and is very local. Quite surprising as we are int the middle of nowhere!

No. 18 A Waterfall

We walked to a beautiful waterfall in the Sherandoah National Park which was full of water.

No.19 A public garden

It was interesting to visit an American house and garden. It was more modest than many in the Uk but Monticello is certainly a picturesque place.

No. 20 A Bus with a picture painted on its side.

Nearly every city has it's open top bus tours and what a great way to get a first taste of a city. New York was no exception. There was quite a choice and not all of the same calibre as we were to discover! I hasten to ad that this is not the one we went on!

No. 21 A picture of myself depicting the season.

I did find the hot humid weather in Washington hard going when we were sightseeing. All was not lost at the zoo. I was able to find some temporary relief from the heat!

So well done Rinda for setting the challenge. Don't forget to have a look at everyone else's finds via the links on Rinda's blog and roll on next summer!


  1. What a great collection of photos. Wookie loved Monticello, I loved DC for the museums and Princess adored the zoo :)

  2. beautiful finds for the hunt...especially the horn!!

  3. Well done - some lovely shots there.
    Margaret #18

  4. I'm so glad you decided to participate! I've enjoyed finding your blog and stopping by, even if I don't always comment. I love all your selections, though the tourists, sunrise and parade are my favorites, with the last one (your seasonal selfie) being my absolute favorite!!!

  5. Super photos, love your juggler one, it helped me fulfill this item thanks BJ

  6. Your rural landscape is my favorite shot but I love the variety of places you used for the Hunt! Very fun to look at!
    Nathalie #22

  7. Some great finds, really glad you enjoyed your time finding these items

  8. Some great your rural landscape.

  9. A lovely collection of photos from so many different places. Well done for finding them all.

  10. I especially love that last one!

  11. Oh I am enjoying seeing all the definitive lists! My faves here, the waterfall and sunrise.

    Sorry to impose, but I have a completely unrelated question: have you ever made gherkins and if so do you have any tips for when they turn out too sharp? Is there any point in diluting the vinegar mix and leaving them to steep a bit longer, for example?

    1. I have never tried doing gherkins. I will ask some friends and look in my books

    2. I have not had any luck from my friends but the old book I have suggests for pickled cucumber to use white vinegar and fennel stalks and seeds, dill seeds, coriander seeds and black peppercorns. It does not sat how much!

  12. Gorgeous photos! You have quite the eye. Hope you stop by mine #40