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Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Reluctant Patient

Tiggy as I have previously mentioned is a bit of a wanderer and can be gone for a day or two. We get used to him coming and going.

He is not so happy at the moment. He has had an abscess on his face which has needed some attention and he has been put on antibiotics. I have had to keep him in to bathe his face and to give him his tablets. He has been confined to the house and conservatory.  He does not agree with this.

He has been taking every opportunity to escape and has to be bribed with treats to come back in. The  cat flap was locked to stop him going out. Imagine my surprise to find him missing. We can only guess at how he squeezed his way out! He returned after 24 hours and the cat flap was blocked with a bag of compost until his tablets were finished!

This was all several days ago. Tuesday evening I left him for the night curled up asleep with Socks on a chair. Just one more antibiotic to go. I came down on Wednesday morning ready to give him his last tablet and let him out. Tiggy had other ideas! During the night Tiggy had burrowed his way through the bag of compost, pulled all the rubber off the cat flap and was GONE leaving a tattered bag of compost all over the floor! No doubt he will be back soon!


  1. Tiggy is adorable & I certainly feel for him with that abscess on his face (ouch). He is one determined kitty to get out.

  2. The look on Tiggy's face in the second photo says it all! I love a cat with personality!

  3. Goodness he is one determined cat!

  4. Aw, I hope he feels a lot better soon

  5. Poor old Tiggy - but he doesn't seem to have allowed it to interfere with life!

  6. What is it they say - where there's a will there's a way and obviously Tiggy had the will. Hope no harm was done other than the mess and the catdoor.