Friday, 11 May 2018

The Next Crop

This season is proving a little challenging to the farmers. The cold wet period delayed the preparation of the ground for planting the seed potatoes. They are normally in the ground by the end of April. This year several attempts to prepare the ground has been thwarted by more rain. Stress levels become raised when there is such a delay because of the concern about the success of the crop.
The dry warm weather has finally meant that the ploughed ground could be harrowed, the beds formed and the stones removed. 
The seed potatoes were then planted at the beginning of this week. This was not without problems. Some of the seed had begun to sprout which effects the strength of the seed and makes it difficult to feed through the planter.

Planting was well underway by Tuesday afternoon.

It is a relief they are in the ground. We will now soon be wanting some rain to help them grow. Farmers are rarely happy with the weather!

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  1. I think a farmer's job is one of the most challenging I know.