Thursday, 1 November 2018

Take Three Thursday: Scarecrow with a Message

This Thursday I have chosen 3 scarecrows to join in with Mary Lou showing 3 photos with a connection. Several of the entries this year in the Harvey Hext Scarecrow Trail are aimed at delivering a message as well as being part of the overall theme Wonders of the World.
1. This entry is done by the primary school. It presumably portrays The Great Barrier Reef but alongside that they have picked up on the very topical issue of plastic waste in our seas. I would imagine that many different year groups were involved in making this. There are fish drawings and some great little painted stones at the bottom.

2. Organ transplants are definitely the subject here. Alongside the scarecrow there are laminated pages of information on transplantation. I don't know if this is a subject close to the creator's heart for personal reasons. (Excuse the pun).

3. I apologise for the quality of my photo. This one's message is clear to see. Save the rainforest.


  1. Maggie thanks for joining in Take Three. Hopefully this upcoming generation will do a better job of taking care of Mother Earth. The scarecrows show that at least they are aware & don't think these issues are fake news.

  2. How lovely to use the scarecrow "festival" to impart some helpful information!