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Saturday, 26 December 2015

A Few Snippets

Yesterday was a busy day with little time for photos. The day for us started at 6.30. Brian was up and out for the first trip round the hen house. Then it was back for coffee and croissants and a bit of stocking opening. 

There was a pair of appropriate socks for the Lady Farmer.

Lots of bits and bobs for everyone.

Although some were not so lucky.

We did find time for some pictures of the full farming team!


  1. Lovely snippets ... great family shots. Poor puppy - no treats!?!?!

    1. He did have a bone later which I think he has buried in my garden judging by his dirty nose!

  2. What a lovely time - and fabulous photos of everyone.

  3. Lovely to see you all together Christmas.

  4. The less rural of us forget that farm animals don't let you off on Christmas day. What a female strong team you have - and it is lovely that at least one of them is so keen to carry on the family tradition. Hope you had a wonderful day.