Monday, 7 December 2015

Me on Monday: Around the Farm

               Morning everyone! Giving a wave to Sian and all the Monday bloggers.


I hope everyone is safe and dry after this windy and for some very wet weekend. I am thinking this morning of all those poor people who have had their homes flooded . We are lucky here in the South West that we had very little rain.
The weekend started for us on Friday evening with a trip to the theatre. Every year we like to go and see the Christmas play at a small intimate theatre in South Bristol. The Tobacco Factory Theatre is based in an old building that was part of the Imperial Tobacco Company. This year the play is The Light Princess and is brilliantly performed by a small cast of about 7 energetic players who play several characters each. This was for me an unknown Scottish fairy tale but it is well worth a visit if you are anywhere near Bristol. Photo courtesy of their website.

Saturday morning was more of a rush than we had  intended with Younger Daughter having to get to school for an unexpected mock interview. She had been let down on Friday by her head of year ( the less about that the better) and her form tutor kindly offered to help out at short notice. All this being in preparation for the real thing this week. Her first University interview. 
It was therefore "several hands make light work" to get her pony a little tidied up before we left. She had only had minimal attention all week and was looking a bit muddy. I brushed while daughter did the more fiddly bits.

Then off Margot went into her field to try and find a bit more mud.....

Older Daughter took a bit of time off from her farm work to cook our lunch trying out the burger maker she had given me for part of my birthday present. Very good they were too!

Then it was time for a windy walk with Monty in search of photos.

As I mentioned on Saturday trying to find that Windy day photo was proving elusive. I came back with cold hands, a windswept hair do, unpleasant nose symptoms that I won't mention and lots of photos of everything and anything apart from the wind. I liked this one though of a fallen tree covered in little red feet marks from the sheep and other animals.

I came back to find that some of the rest of the family had been out Christmas tree searching in the woods. More about that tomorrow. Then it was texts and phone calls from younger daughter who had gone shopping in Bath with her boyfriend. They had left their car at my parents and travelled in by bus. Bath is extremely busy with the Christmas market and parking is a nightmare. All went well until the return journey. They had managed to get the correct bus number but in the wrong direction! So after a lengthy trip across Bath they eventually ended up back at the correct destination. My rural girls don't get a lot of exposure to public transport!
Sunday was a Roast Lamb lunch. Stollen making ( and sampling) and generally catching up on garden jobs day. Catching up on Strictly results. It is always at this stage that the public voting goes a little bizarre and this year is no exception. Being a Call the Midwife fan I was sorry to see Helen George voted off.
So here we are  back at Monday. Wishing everyone a good week with hopefully some better weather for all.


  1. sounds a good, busy weekend - good luck to your daughter with her interview. But, of course, my favourite image is Monty! Have a great week

  2. Good luck to your youngest daughter, a stressful time for her. I've never made stollen - was it difficult to make?

    1. Stollen isn't difficult but is time consuming because of the proving time. I use Delia Smith's recipe on the Internet.

  3. Very best of luck to her!

    It sounds like a weekend with quite a lot of coming and'll be glad it's Monday lol I've never made stollen either, though my DH loves it and I really should acquire one somehow this year I think.

    Have a great week

  4. I'll go with the pony - nice Mum that you are helping to groom. I have made something similar to a stollen, lots of stress was released with the banging on the dough. Hope you have a good week.

    1. A very good stress reliever and a good time to think of anyone who has annoyed you!

  5. We are not rural at all but my sons have had to be given written instructions on which bus to catch and where to stand to get it! DS2 won't do anything without me there!
    Best of luck to your daughter x

  6. Sounds like a very busy weekend, good luck to your daughter with her interviews. Fascinating marks on that fallen tree.