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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Final Pairs

It is the last of Helena's Pairs today before her new meme starts next week. I have chosen another flower that is showing extraordinary behaviour for the time of year. The sun was shining when I was at my parents yesterday morning and so out with the camera I went. These hellebores are a spring flower but are already blooming. Each of these blooms has quite a different centre.
They could be described as with

Or without 

From what I can gather from reading online. The first flower shows the pre fertilisation whereas the second shows the post fertilisation having lost all its stamens and parts essential to pollination and fertilisation. We were curious as to how all this could have happened so early but I actually wonder if the top flower is from this coming season and the the second is left from last season and due to lack of frost has not died away. 


  1. beautiful colours and lovely light. Thank you for joining me all year with your lovely pairs

  2. That's an interesting pair ... I'll have to look more closely at mine to see if I have the same.

    1. My mum spotted it . She thought they were male and female which is what made me google them.

  3. Great Pairs - flowers make such a beautiful subject for Pairs. Yes I do wonder how all this crazy weather both sides of the Great Pond will affect/effect the spring growing season ...

  4. very cool pair...I never realized that the flower centers changed so much!

  5. What an interesting pair. I'm wondering what on earth will be left to flower in Spring at this rate! I've enjoyed your pairs throughout the year. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my Great Nephew. He is rather gorgeous, but I'm definitely biased! He put in an appearance in the early hours of the 27th, bang on his due date.

  6. Thank you for some interesting information. I wonder what spring will be like with all these plants flowering now?

  7. Lovely! I never thought to check my hellebores during that long warm spell we had. We did get a couple of daffodils sticking their heads up.

  8. Super photos. The flowers are so pretty.

  9. I have loved all your Pairs this year, your flower pictures are truly beautiful. I had a very small white flowered hellebores from m-i-l this year, they are so beautiful. I'll have a peek at it a bit closer this evening;) I'm wondering what our spring will be like...