Monday, 14 December 2015

Me on Monday

Good Morning everyone! A big wave to Sian who hosts this Monday meme and to all the other Monday bloggers. I wonder if it has occurred to you that in two weeks time Christmas will be all over and I am nowhere near ready!
Some of the weekend has been spent still writing those Christmas cards. Sorting out a few more presents and oh! I have made the almond paste AND put it on the cake. You can see from this picture that I am no expert.

 Saturday also meant dropping younger daughter in Bath to get a present for boyfriend. You will be pleased to hear that she got on the RIGHT bus back up to my parents. It was only on the way home in the car that she discovers she has bought the wrong size.... so it will be back to the shops again soon!
 Sunday started with a specially chosen item in the Advent pocket. Can you spot it?


The girls share the advent calendar taking turns each day. I have warned them this could be the last year. So yesterday I had given them an item that would have more than one purpose. Firstly something new to decorate the Christmas cake and.... an option for No. 5 A Snowman on the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt if we have no snow!

It was a trip to have lunch with Brian's niece for lunch and meet her little cat Phillip.

In the afternoon there was time for a little walk around Wells but I am going to save those photos for tomorrow.
Today involves a trip during the afternoon for another university interview. Not quite so far to go this time.



  1. impressed you make your own almond paste. Phillip looks adorable. Good luck for the interview and have a great week

  2. Your almond paste looks fab. Bet it tastes amazing..way better than shop bought.

    Best of luck with the interview and all the other jobs for this week. Time seems to be getting faster with each day that goes past!

  3. 'Over and done with in two weeks' did not make me feel any better! The cake looks super, and what an adorable ornament to put on it. Have a super week x

  4. ps meant to say good luck/best wishes for the uni interview

  5. Phillip is a very handsome tabby. Your backup snowman is quite cute. With the time difference, your daughter's interview has already happened, so I do hope it was positive. See you on Wednesday ...

  6. A very full weekend! Hope today went well too x