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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Flower Art in Sidmouth

During our visit to Sidmouth we took a walk around a couple of parks. Blackmore Park is the old grounds of a house that has been demolished. Like last year there are a couple of flower tableaux. This  'Nessie' who has roamed a long way from Scotland.

I rather like his face.

Then in the next part. A Wind in the Willows tableau. 

As well as toad there are other characters.

The others are hidden around the garden.

This donkey was also by the bowling green.

There is a tranquil conservatory with a Passion flower growing across the whole of the roof.

The whole of Sidmouth is an array of flowers and the Connaught Gardens that I mentioned yesterday are a mixture of formal and more casual planting. I took very few pictures of these mainly I think because I was too busy drinking tea and ice cream eating! 
I did however take one of the wildflower planting that was superbly colourful.


  1. Those are great garden tableaux, I do like Nessie's head and Toad. I believe there is a substantial Jane Austen related one in the Parade Gardens this year?

  2. What a fun garden. Very artist with the flowers & characters.

  3. How charming! Even my grandchildren would be delighted with some of these displays.

  4. These are brilliant! :o) Love 'em!