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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Garden Itself

Yesterday I started to tell you about my visit to the Walled Garden at Mells and today I thought I would show you some pictures of the garden. The beauty of the garden is in it's informality where flowers and shrubs blend together.

It is two years since I last visited and the garden generally was not as good this time. I think there are probably a few reasons for this. Last time was about a month earlier, this summer has been very hot and drying and the change of ownership has led to a period of less attention.

Certain of the corners lack colour where seasonal bedding plants used to be.

Some of the paths are overgrown at the sides making it quite difficult for mum to manoeuvre her walker, which is hard going on gravel paths anyway. We eventually deserted it and resorted to her stick.

Despite this there are some beautiful aspects to the garden.

The pond area is a particular feature. 

There will be about that tomorrow!

There are some fascinating flowers.

Mum was able to identify most of them.

I hope you have had a taster of our visit. I am sure I shall be visiting this lovely village again.

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  1. Interesting walk through - the pond garden area really does seem neglected but in spite of that all those gorgeous flowers do their thing & bloom in the most glorious of ways - thanks Mother Nature.