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Saturday, 8 July 2017

More than one Kind of Hen

This weekend is the bride's hen weekend so all the girls are away. It started out at lunchtime on Friday with a BBQ which the older hens were also invited to.

 The bride's parents were busy cooking.

There was one uninvited guest who decided to gate crash.

Then the 'bride to be' arrived still unaware of where she was off to.

Complete with suitcase.

There were a couple of opportunities for the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt including No.9 A kite or balloon. 

They included of course an appropriate logo.

Then there was plenty of drink to qualify for No. 24 Seasonal Food or Drink.

Feeling thirsty?


  1. That looks s great 'old hen' party and hope the young ones have a great time too! Nice Pimms. Yes, thirsty!

  2. What fun! What a great opportunity to get some scavenger hunt photos!