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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Peach Jam

We were given some boxes of very ripe peaches, more than we can eat before they go off. I have therefore been looking around for something to do with them and decided to have a go at peach jam. The first job was to dunk them in boiling water and then cold water to remove the skins.

They peeled pretty easily after this although it's a bit of a messy job. Then they needed chopping up.

I soon realised that I should have concentrated on a bit more zealous chopping to make smaller pieces.

Don't you just want to pick a slice out?
The addition of lemon juice to the water when simmering them helped the lack of pectin in the fruit. They I cooked them for a good 30 minutes. It was at this stage that I realised I should have made smaller pieces so I remedied this by using a hand blender until there were just a few lumps left. Then it was time to add the sugar. I used as the recipe suggested sugar with added pectin for the same reason as adding lemon juice.
It set easily with these additions and I am pretty pleased with the result. It certainly tastes good.


  1. That sounds good! Peach season has arrived here - Peach Cobbler is a popular recipe.

  2. Oh yum to freshly made peach jam. We are still a good month away from local peaches coming into season, we are just arriving into cherry season! I've just read that adding quinoa can help jam set so you can cut down on sugar, not sure I would want to risk a batch though ...

    1. Interesting about the quinoa. It may help it set but I wonder if it would have the preservative qualities. Peaches are not usually available in great quantity here to make jam . These were on their way for disposal.

  3. Never heard of that but it certainly looks the part!