Friday, 24 August 2018

The August SPSH Link Up

Today is the penultimate link up for The Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt hosted by Mary Lou. I have been showing some finds throughout the month but here are some more possibilities for my final choices.  
3. A Framed View  
Most people will know that I love a framed view. These first two are slightly different to my usual choice. The first is taken in the house at Dyrham Park. It is of a deliberate trompe l'oeil painted by a Dutch painter Samuel Van Hoogstraten. It is hung at the end of the corridor to give the illusion of the space being of a greater length than reality.

This second is taken at Dunster Castle peeping from one room through the orangery into another room  where the room guide is talking to visitors.

These next two show the same gate looking both ways at the Yeo Valley Organic Garden.

4. Wings
Pretty self explanatory this dragonfly is on an arch in the same garden.

5. Pedal Power
One of the many scarecrows at the Shaftsbury and Gillingham Show.

6. Glorious Green
It was tricky to find anything green a week or so ago but thankfully since we have had some rain it has now changed back to our 'green and pleasant land'. Here are two gloriously green views of the same Yeo Valley Organic Garden.

7. An Unexpected Reflection
Mirrors can be used to give the illusion of space. This first caught my eye in the restaurant at Dyrham Park. Would I have noted the fancy lampshades otherwise?

These mirrors also cleverly give a feeling of space and unexpected reflection.

11. Pretty in Pink 
Perhaps not pretty but definitely pink and raising money for Cancer Research at the Shaftsbury and Gillingham Show.

14. A Trilogy of Three
These basins in the loos at Avebury made me smile. Three of everything! I had to take the picture a bit quick before anyone else came in.

The rest of these trios were decorating the cafe at the Yeo Valley Garden.

15. Out of the Blue
Eileen's picture of the statue in the sea gave me the inspiration for this picture of this kite against the blue sky.

17. Repurposed
Several novel planters at Yeo Valley Garden.

A  couple of novel interesting clocks.

Alternative A. Shopping Bag.
A few bags for sale at the show.

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has found. I shall be popping round soon!


  1. As always Maggie you have some wonderful SPSH finds. Oh those cat bags would be a purrfect purchase for me. All those re=purposed items! A pink sheep!!!!

  2. I'm a huge fan of repurposed planters though I don't have many myself! The car made me think of a great repurposed bus at our local zoo. If I get there before the end of the scavenger hunt, I'll add it to my collection.