Friday, 10 August 2018

The Streets of Bath

Almost wherever you walk around the city of Bath you will come across interesting back streets as well as the well known tourist sights. Part of our walk took us to the world famous sight of the Royal Crescent, a spectacular piece of 18th Century architecture and perhaps the creme de la creme of Bath.

The route I took to get us there took us along some interesting little passages.

It also took us into The Assembly Rooms where we debated the merits of 18th century transport.

I even searched out a few possibilities for the SPSH. One of the adjacent streets to the Royal Crescent is Margaret's Buildings which is a cheerful little shopping street which some interesting shops. 

It was not the shops that caught my eye. It was the floral pots on one particular house. 

Have you spotted them?

A great Repurposed use for a plastic bottle. Just right for No. 17 on the list.

Then The wings for No. 4 might not be very evident but these owls are scattered all over Bath.

There are 82 of them in total.

They are all beautifully decorated and part of a trail called The Minerva Owl trail. The Roman temple in Bath in 1AD was dedicated to the Roman Goddess of wisdom named Minerva whose symbol was an owl.

No doubt I shall encounter some more during my visits to Bath over the summer.


  1. Like the walk of Owls - Minerva makes me think of Harry Potter - Prof. McGonagall's first name is Minerva.
    Fantastic repurposed!

  2. SPSH? Please explain! No idea what this is, have I missed something you've already explained? Love the plastic bottle as planter!
    Margaret P