Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer Delights

Strawberry time is here and I spent a while this morning picking the strawberries in the garden.

Very tempting to eat them as you go!

One of the best tastes at this time of year is the first new potatoes from the garden to plate in a matter of hours.

This was only the beginning of the day. Emma had her last exam and then got ready for her prom. A break in the hay making today meant Emma had some very special transport driven by her sister to get to the event on Weston Pier ..... The new tractor.

She got more of an applause than the smart cars.


  1. I reckon this will be on the daily mail tomorrow! Not many prom princesses turn up in such glamorous transport. Beats the super cars hands down!

  2. Great dress, great transport, hope it was a great night (and that there was some more cosy transport home?)

  3. Wow, what an entrance! You looked beautiful Emma. I hope you had a great time.

  4. Impressive strawberry harvest! My first one ripened yesterday. Was looking forward to it but the birds enjoyed it first. Do you cover yours?

  5. Yes the strawberries are covered. My brother in law who lives next to us is the gardener. I just get involved with the picking.