Thursday, 26 June 2014

New York by Water

The water taxi is a novel and interesting mode in which to see New York. We spent most of the day on and off the boat. This gave us an overview of the city.

We had a great view albeit in blazing sun from the open top of the boat.

We travelled up as far as Brooklyn Bridge

Most of the way we had views back at Lower Manhatten with the New World Trade Centre dominating the skyline.

 We had impressive views of the Statue of Liberty.

A short but hot walk took us to the 9/11 memorial with the new museum behind. Certainly an area for reflection.

The new build above gives a definite impression of defiance.

An ice cream at Brooklyn was well received with time for a break from the sun in their gazebo.

The light had changed by our return.

In the evening we ventured up The Empire State Building. We could see by the queuing system that we were very lucky to only have a short wait. It was worth it. We had breathtaking early evening views.

The lights became more vibrant as it got darker and Times Square was particularly impressive.

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