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Sunday, 6 November 2016

5 in 5 November Garden

Today I am joining in with Sandie's 5 in 5. Where in a period of 5 minutes you take as many pictures as you can and then choose 5. This month I have wandered out into my November garden to see what is happening.
1. The nasturtiums are still in abundance.

2.In fact there is still a tremendous amount of colour in the garden with these Snapdragons.

3. Then fuchsias.

4. The tubs are still flowering.

5. Then alongside this splendid colour dead leaves lie in the wet grass.


  1. What beautiful photos Maggie, the drops of water add something special and I am impressed how much colour you still have in your garden. Your flowers look so fresh still - aren't we lucky to be enjoying such an extended season. I've only felt a chill in the air these past few days, and the autumn leaves are a glorious sight.
    I thought of you this week. We had another trip to Somerset to have final work done on our new camper, and on our way we visited Wells. I hadn't known about this beautiful city until you posted in September and I'm so glad it didn't escape me altogether. We had a lovely day and it ticked every box, I liked the smallness of the city and yet there are so many beautiful buildings. Thank you!

  2. A wonderful fivesome ... the rain drops on your Nasturtium are a great capture.

  3. Really lovely Maggie. Yes the rain certainly lifts the pictures to another level.

  4. I still have a fair bit of colour in my tubs but after last night's heavy frost I'm guessing its time is short...