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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Looking Ahead

Helena from Helena's Creative Maven mentioned in her Snap yesterday that the blogger community was a wonderful inspiration to her in her photography. I have considered this for my first picture where I was inspired my Miriam who took a very similar snap of the rollers when she visited the farm.

The rollers have done their work for this Autumn and are parked up now.

They have done their work and the corn for next year is coming up nicely.

Preparing for another year.


  1. yes that first photo says Miriam to me - lovely green of the new corn against the dark soil - nature really is a cycle and no rest for the farmers

  2. Great first photo. I agree the scavenger hunts & SNAP have been wonderfully inspiring to get out there & see the world or at least my part of it. You plant corn for next year in the Autumn - Our farmers only plant winter wheat in the later Autumn. Corn would never survive our harsh winters & the forecast is for a traditional Canadian winter - lots of snow.