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Sunday, 27 November 2016

A Feeling of Pilgrimage Part 2

Yesterday I described the beginning of our walk into Bath which is described as having a real feel of pilgrimage about it. Today as we approached the edge of Bath I continue the journey.

We soon dropped down through the last couple of fields with some beautiful trees before reaching the playing fields of Weston Primary school.

The walk crosses through Weston village ( a suburb of Bath) and up out through the other side. This gave us the chance to look back at Kelston Roundhill and the route we had taken down.

The route then wound up and down through paths on the suburban hillside of Bath where there were a surprising number of hidden gems.

It is also always good to have the opportunity to admire the route you have just taken and perhaps catch your breath at the same time!

It was then not long before we were approaching some of the grand buildings of Bath.

The elegant architecture is always to be admired.

Then it was time to head for some lunch before taking the bus back to our starting point.


  1. you certainly picked a great day for your walk - what lovely skies and light - love the walk between the hedges

  2. Looks like a lovely route and great conditions. I used to belong to a walking group and I really miss it.

  3. Wonderful walk, lovely that you have membership in such a group. Happy week ahead.

  4. A wonderful walk and bright sunshine too, the trees look lovely. It's not a part of Bath I have explored. It's always good to see your photographs.

  5. How absolutely beautiful. It's very hard to beat the combination of trees and lovely buildings all in one walk.