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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Snap: Frosty

Yesterday morning I was out in the garden in my dressing gown to get some photos of the heavy frost before it started to melt. Some ideal subjects to join Helena in her weekly Snap.
My garden is quite sheltered between the house and the wall but Jack Frost got in last night so I would anticipate finding some of the flowers dying back now.

1. A fuchsia still flowering.

2. This snapdragon has been there two summers..

3. Some beautiful leaves too.


And then the lawn.

Oh whoops have I miscounted?


  1. Another frosty collection - you & Helena were on the same wave lenght (col). Amazing that your fuchsia & snapdragon are still blooming. The chill seems to really intensify their colour.

  2. Snap! with the frost and Snap! with the nighty! What are we like? Fabulous as always Maggie.

  3. beautiful and such dedication to be out snapping frost in your dressing gown

  4. No flowers blooming here despite our warmer temperatures. The foot of snow we had last week took care of any blossoms and most of the leaves on the trees! Your photos are ALWAYS lovely!

  5. Oh, just like Helena's snaps this week - very cold & beautiful!

  6. lovely frost photos...I especially like the soft green leaves in photo 3!

  7. Great minds! Although I got dressed first. A lovely set. The frost makes everything look so pretty.

  8. Out in your dressing gown? Now there's dedication to the Snap! cause

  9. I'm another who's been snapping frosty scenes first thing over the past week - dressed, but no coat. Brr! I will have to see if there are any worthy of a snap. I think my last fuchsia has just about had it now.