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Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Comfortable Spot

Monty has a favourite spot where he likes to lie in the garden. Any sunny day and that is where he can be found.

When I was over with my mum today we noticed that she had a visitor in her garden who had found a cosy patch.

He stayed for a good hour occasionally having a little snooze.

Then nibbling at a few close by leaves.


  1. Great photos of the very placid deer!

  2. wow what a lovely visitor and to stay there comfortably - and of course delighted to see Monty

  3. Handsome Monty does look quite relaxed. OMG to the deer resting & that calm for close up photos - deer are such gentle delicate creatures.

  4. Lovely. I'm thinking the bottom one should feature in a personal calendar...

  5. The deer who wander through our suburban neighborhood would not likely lie still for so long. He's really quite a handsome fella, and so is Monty!

  6. Oh could turn him into a Christmas card