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Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Different Slant on a Ladder

Last week I took a little trip around the farm finding ladders which you can see here. I mentioned then that I had already found some pictures for No. 17 A Ladder of the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt.The central building in Bath that can be seen from many directions is Bath Abbey. You may recall that I captured it back in December in the early evening light which you can see here.

I mentioned then the intricate sculptures either side of the west side depicting Jacob's Ladder. I have since had an opportunity to pop back to take some more detailed pictures. 

It depicts the angels ascending and descending from Earth to heaven effectively joining both together.

I suspect these might be some of the oldest ladders around.


  1. Amazing photos - certainly better than the ladder I found.

  2. This is fabulous! The last photo is my favorite. You win the ladder prize---your first set was wonderful, too.

  3. Photos like these always make me marvel at what it was like to live before the time of zoom lenses. It's hard to imagine the generations who never actually saw all these details close up

  4. I agree this should definitely be your submission for this prompt.

  5. what a wonderful ladder, no one can beat that!