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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Two Legs. Four Legs.

There is one item on the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt that we are not short of on the farm. This is No. 6 A Puddle.  I managed to find two unwitting models to help me with this.

Two legs

Then four legs.

Most of the bridle ways have huge puddles.

This particular one has the telltale signs of being alongside the redding quarry. The red ochre colour reminds me somewhat of tinned tomato soup.

My second model was on this occasion not very keen to oblige.

Most unlike him as like most Labradors he loves getting in water. This time a bit of bribery with a dog biscuit was needed! Again like most of his breed he can't resist food.


  1. now that is a big puddle and of course delighted to see Monty

  2. Monty was a great model. Monty just knew it wasn't nice water to wade through (lol). I had an event horse once that HATED water & puddles like these would have seen her jump the fence rather than go through.