Saturday, 17 May 2014

Checking out the walk

Three of us set out in blazing sunshine to try out the 6 mile walk for the next Walk and Talk. The weather was glorious and the farmers on route were hard at work making silage. Not the most modern tractor but it was doing the job.

We passed some interesting features including locks from a long disused canal.

I bored the other two silly with tales of walking these valleys as a teenager and bathing in this river in the hot summers of the late 70s. I have to confess that it looked far to fast running today for such activities.

The walk however was not all plain sailing. We did have a small dispute on which way the path went

 There was the little problem of getting across a bog....

Which resulted in rather muddy shoes

And some very scratched arms.

Nevertheless generally we had a good walk.

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