Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wellies Required

The local Preschool have been today for their annual Bluebell walk. They have been coming most years for at least 20 years. They initially used to come at lambing time but now come for a late spring walk.
They arrived properly equipped.

The walk includes walking down through some of the sheep.

They were lucky today that a lamb that is partly bottle fed came up to be petted. They then met one of the horses. There was quite a debate about the colour of this pony.

They then walked into the Bluebell Wood which must seem rather different to them at their height.

There was time for a few rests.

And the chance to jump the odd log.

They were all interested to see a badger toilet and a badger set! One little boy wanted to know if there were any blue squirrels and another asked about Power Rangers. They were not sure about the smell of garlic but thought the moss was very cosy!
Then after moving the sheep from the gateway.

We were able to return to the farm with some tired little visitors for a snack and a drink on the main lawn.

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  1. Lovely pics especially the wellies! I guess some of the current pre-school visitors may be daughters and sons of previous visitors? I wonder what their parents remember of their visits! X