Saturday, 3 May 2014

Sea Erosion

The girls are taking part in a Hockey Tour but Emma in view of her forthcoming exams only went for the  day. We therefore travelled to Dawlish to collect her. While they finished their matches we set off for a walk to find the coast path choosing a small road which we thought would lead to it. We were surprised to see a Security Guard asleep in his car but thought little of it. We soon realised that we were at the site where a large part of the South West Coast railway track fell into the sea during the winter storms. We also realised when we were approached by a second security guard that we were not supposed to be there! He however showed us what had been rebuilt and allowed me to take a picture of the repaired track!

The extent of the repairs was even more evident from the coast path when we finally found it.

Further along in Dawlish we did wonder if the rest of the Beach huts had fallen victim to the sea.

Once we had collected Emma we headed to Sidmouth for Fish and Chips. The cliffs there also show signs of recent erosion.

Emma meanwhile appears to have lost her hand to the sea while throwing pebbles!

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  1. Great pics - interesting to see the repairs to the track. No dip in the sea for you all? X