Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Never a dull moment

The trip to school was more eventful that anticipated. Whilst on the way to pick up one of the lads we lift share with we came across an obstacle in the road.

A steer was happily grazing on the verge quite close to a fairly busy road. It was pretty obvious where he had come from but we decided not to try opening the gate!

He was not very keen at the sight of Emma or at having his photo taken! With a bit of persuasion we got him to jump back through the hedge and so onto school for us!

Monty often joins me when I am putting out the washing but today he was joined in the sunshine by Tiggy.

Then it was time for more cooking. Anyone who has seen the film Babe will be familiar with Farmer Hoggett and his wife. I have been thinking of Mrs Hoggett as I put away meals in the freezer for my "Farmer Hoggett"  to consume while I am away in America.

Next I shall have to start a pile of gourmet meals for the cats and dogs........

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