Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Lunch and more

The range of fresh vegetables from the garden is already increasing. Today we had our first pick of broad beans plus a good bunch of rhubarb.

And one of my favourites, asparagus 

We thought it was going to be a quiet afternoon after our roast beef but alas no. The cattle had got out of their field so it was all hands on board to get them back.

They were soon back in the field enjoying a bit of barley

That the sheep were keen to share

After giving the calves a quick talking to we returned to our quiet afternoon.

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  1. Nice veg! You will be happy here, lots of asparagus but not home grown. Sorry you didn't get your quiet afternoon - perhaps the cows took fright at your choice of lunch? X (back to just the two of us now...glum faces)