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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Colourful Stalls

On my visit to Bath to go to the dentist I had to nip down to the bottom of town to go to the bank. I was impressed by the number of Sreet stalls and the colourful items for sale. Quite a collection and far more interesting than a picture of my teeth!
This advertises a quirky tour around Bath. What was it I was saying about teeth?

My dentist would not approve of these next ones...

Not sure how many clothes this trader will sell

Plenty of clothes for sale.

And there is more...

Spoilt for choice!


  1. Nice pics, Maggie. It is a while since I have wielded a camera in Bath but the stalls all look very colourful. X

  2. That bicyclist needs to eat lunch! I really enjoyed your colorful pictures of Bath.