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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Monty or Marley

Monty our fox red Labrador is now 8. He is now rather middle aged but his younger mischievous side still comes through. 

When he was a puppy one of my friends on meeting him asked if I had read "Marley and Me". She promptly sent me a copy as soon as she returned home. It is a great book and worth a read if you are a dog lover.

The comparison I am sure was was quite unjust despite his reputation for having chewed a remote control and a mobile phone amongst other things. I am sure he never did swallow the diamond from my sister's ring......
One passion he does share with Marley is his love of fruit. Fortunately mangos do not grow in our garden but he helps himself to apples and greengages off the lower branches of the trees. Today I caught him at another of his tricks.

Yes eating the boysenberries straight off the bush. Undeterred by thorn or net!

We love you Monty!

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