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Monday, 14 July 2014

In the Pink

Having a look around the garden there is no doubt about what colour dominates. 

The sweet peas are doing well which just goes to show that cheap seed from Lidil is as good as expensive seed from the shows!

The Everlasting Sweet Pea some years does not appear at all and last year grew profusely but did not have a single flower. This year it is making up for it!

The roses have been blooming well.

I have planted a couple of new clematis fairly recently.

The annual lavertera always seems to like my garden.

Bella blends in well even though she is not pink!


  1. Lovely bright colours! We have lots of roses in our garden but no sweet peas. My Granny used to grow them and they are one of my favourites.

    1. You will have to put them on the list to grow next year Abi! I often grow them in a tub. The scent is hard to blog.

  2. Gorgeous garden!
    Your Sweet Peas make me swoon ♥