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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Washington Zoo

On a very hot day we set out to visit Washington Zoo. The Zoo is part of the Smithsonian Museums and therefore has free entry which is obviously beneficial. We did wonder whether all the animals would be asleep because of the intense heat. This did prove to be true for quite a few. The Giant Panda baby was asleep in a tree but we did see one of the parents.

The elephants have a large enclosure and we were able to view several of them. One was intent on eating bamboo.

Outside one was busy with a dust bath.

The gorillas were not too lively.

We had hoped to see the Orang Utangs on their aerial transport wires but they too were resting.

We had more luck with the tigers where one of the youngsters was trying to catch a duck!

The same could not be said for the lion.

We only saw a small number of the animals.

Despite various methods of cooling down.

The heat finally defeated us and we headed home.

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