Friday, 4 July 2014

Smithsonian Museums

We took a metro into Washington to visit some of the museums. We started in the Enid A Haupt garden which is outside the Smithsonian Castle. 

These gardens are actually a roof garden with 3 art galleries underneath.  This area used to be where  they kept exotic and endangered animals before they opened the zoo.

There is an exhibit of large scale bronze bird statues called The Lost Bird Project depicting birds that are now extinct. This one shows a Heath Hen.

We explored the rather unusual "relics" in the Smithsonian Castle before crossing The National Mall to the American History Museum. The National Mall has at present a Folklife Festival featuring various countries.

 The large Bamboo Installation or Flower Plaque looks very splendid with the Washington Monument as a backdrop.

The American History Museum was again more random than I expected. It did however include some interesting exhibits.

It reinforced to me that in the same way that lorries have evolved differently in the UK and the USA so also our cultures are in many ways an ocean apart.


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