Sunday, 6 July 2014

From Farmer's Market to Baseball Match

Lake Anne proved to be a scenic venue for a Market.

It was interesting to walk around comparing produce and prices to England, meeting  and talking to farmers who seemed genuinely interested in what we farmed at home. Prices generally seemed a little higher.

There was a different variety of produce.

In the main market some sort of guidance for product use was deemed necessary!

What a contrast then to attend our first baseball match at the Nationals Park to see the Washington Nationals (Nats) play the Chicago Cubs.

We were provided with a free T shirt.

And bought our souvenir sodas.

The decor was impressive.

We were a long way up.

But could see the action well.

Assisted by a large screen.

There was plenty of all round entertainment as well as the match.

We managed to follow the match with help from our neighbours. It was very clear to see the winners were the Nats with a score of 13 to 0!

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