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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hot hot hot

Our day at the show yesterday was very hot. A lot of the cattle were resting in the sheds.

Some had thicker coats than others!

Even the owners were resting....

One family had the crèche sorted out. If only we had had one like that when the girls were small!

The judges and stewards were were not making any allowances in their dress for the heat.

We retreated up onto the hill to sit in the shade of a tree and watch the sheep dog trials. It was good to see some female competitors.

It was also a good position to watch the spitfire and hurricane planes. They were not easy to catch on camera.

While we were sat in this very rural setting I captured this picture of a member of The Regimental Band of the Royal Welsh wandering across the hill. Quite what the lady on his left is up to is open to interpretation! Demonstrating a Spitfire plane? Practising sheep dog handling? Or simply cooling down?

The soldier I guess was checking out his relatives between performances.

I was really pleased to snap a number of photos for the Photo Scavenger Hunt. They will have to wait for another day to be seen.


  1. Umm excuse me but I think that you will find that those are both spitfires, a mk XII and a mk XIV if I amot mistaken

  2. Didn't know you were such an expert. I think you have had some help. I am going by the programme. We were too far up the hill to hear the commentary!