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Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Walk down the Garden Path

 When I took my photos for this month's 5 in 5 I had a surplus of pictures so I thought I would take you on a metaphorical walk down the garden path through the vegetable patch. 

It is a time of year when some vegetables are already over but generally most are just beginning to mature. The rhubarb is replenishing it's strength for next year.

We have had a bumper crop of sugar snaps.

The parsley has gone to seed but looks very attractive.

Greengrocers declare that "bean time is lean time". It is of course a time when most vegetable gardens are in full production.

Many crops are looking hopeful.

The spuds and courgettes are already finding their way to our dinner plate.

Herbs and flowers add to the colour.


Then above....

The Katy apples have a way to go.


  1. a lovely walk down your vegetable garden - beautiful colours and shapes

  2. An enjoyable stroll in your garden - thanks for taking us along. Such bounty & you can see all the love & work you put into your gardens.

    1. I cannot take any of the credit for the vegetable garden. My brother in law is the backbone behind the work here. I only photograph, pick, cook and eat!