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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Make Hay while the Sun Shines

The requested sun for hay making certainly arrived on Tuesday. Temperatures soared to 34C and it was all stations go! All three tractors were working in the hay field. Fortunately for the drivers they all had air conditioning to keep them from boiling.
One was used to turn and spread the drying grass to help it dry under the sun's rays and in the warm breeze.

Then it was roared up into a swathe ready for baling.

Then it was time to bale the dried grass into small bales.

The new hay will be hauled back to the farm for storage. It will need to dry and age before it will be ready for the sheep and horses to eat.
The need for speed to get the job done meant there was little time for stopping for meals so I transported our cooked meal to the field to eat in the shade of a tree.

It would be hard to find a better view in any restaurant.

The rest of the grass that was cut has taken longer to dry. Two dull days proved unsuitable for drying the grass. Yesterday the sun shone and it was all hands to the deck again.

This time it was a cup of tea under the tree.

The eldest member of the family came down to observe the action.

It was back to work after a quick cuppa.

There was the occasional hitch.

However by the end of the day all the hay was safely gathered in.


  1. fascinating to see all the hay making - very civilised meal under the trees

  2. Great pictures but hard work! So glad to know that the tractors have air conditioning! Had never thought about that..