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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Snap: Bees and a Beetle

I am afraid I am breaking the rules slightly for Helena's Snap. I have a collection of 4 bees that I have spotted on flowers.
1. This bee on the Welsh Poppy was having a good roll . I guess it was busy picking up pollen.

2. This red tailed bumble bee was busy working its way around the flowers by the pond in my brother's garden.

3. A busy bee on the lavender.

4. A little rest.

Then I couldn't resist adding  a Green Mint Beetle which is one of many feeding on my mint. 

So when I offer you a Pimms make sure I have thoroughly rinsed the mint!


  1. Interesting SNAP & what an amazing red bottomed bee photo. If there is such a pretty bug in the Pimms, just tell everyone it's deocration :) Cheers

  2. great captures - I thought I saw a red bumblee bee on Monday and now I know I wasn't hallucinating! wonderful sheen on the beetle

  3. These are just beautiful Maggie, a great collection of 5! ha ha I'll await your comment to me. :)

  4. That second shot is fantastic!

  5. They are all great shots, but I just love the second one!

  6. great bee photos and the green mint beetle is very pretty!

  7. Great photos, such a variety..

  8. Sorry for late comment but the green beetle is a lovely shot!