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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Two in One

The end of July is approaching rapidly. It is almost time for another link up with Rinda for The Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt. I had a stroke of luck on Tuesday or perhaps I should say it was a brain wave. I remembered something I have seen in Bath many times and would as one says "kill two birds with one stone". In other words could qualify for No.3 A skeleton, bone or X Ray but also for No.10 A bicycle.

Perhaps he ( or maybe she ) has been over doing the exercise? 

Don't you just love those feet!

Well technically this is actually a tricycle not a bicycle so for argument's  sake here are a few more I spotted. All of which are being used in some commercial way.

I can't imagine they do deliveries.

A new type of sign.


Ice cream anyone?

A cafe sign (this one was near Bradford on Avon).

Then a popular green alternative in many cities. I wonder how popular this is in hilly Bath.


  1. great collection - a clever way to display signs around the city

  2. That first one is very clever..and weirdly creepy

  3. My anniversary card this morning featured a bicycle built for two with a basket of flowers! Love them all; the skeleton is terrific!

  4. Lots of fun finds for the SPSH for the bike. Agree with Sian, the first is kind of clever but creepy. On our trip into Toronto this morning there were racks of bike rentals, too bad we were not stopped at that light to be able to snap a photo.

  5. Brilliant skeleton find. Had I played, would have had fun with that prompt - with a skeleton bathing in a lake!! Do you know yet which bike you're going to choose for the final cut? My vote goes to either the yellow one or the one with the basket of flowers.