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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Walled Gardens at Barrington Court

On Tuesday I showed you our visit to Barrington Court and in particular the house. I return today to show you our walk around the walled gardens. These gardens were created in the 1920s and were planned by Gertrude Jekyll. They form a series of rooms.
 One of the first we walked through was the white garden consisting of both white flowers and silver leaves with the odd touch of pastel shades.

The back wall contains a series of oval windows.

Another "room" is designed around the old calf pens which remain as a feature.

There are glimpses of other parts of the gardens.

Plus paths disappearing through gates.

The whole effect is very restful.

The walls and gates are developed into features wherever you are.

The kitchen garden is equally impressive and provides fruit and vegetables for the restaurant.

Their sweet peas are far ahead of mine.

Features around the gardens added to the curiosity. It was not clear whether they were original to the gardens or brought in at the time of the restoration.

There is even a tennis court and summerhouse although with a resident bees' nest perhaps not the best place for a strawberry tea.

No doubt I shall be returning to show you more photos that I have gathered for Snap and Short Stories over the coming weeks.


  1. These gardens are breathtaking! I would love to spend an afternoon here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. looks a fabulous garden to wander and discover - I love the soft warm colour of the walls as a backdrop to the plants

  3. Wonderful stroll - thanks for sharing. These gardens are certainly worth several return visits. Thanks for the link to go viewing UK.

  4. Great garden and on a lovely day. It has a really mature, proper garden look about it without being overly manicured