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Monday, 18 July 2016

Memorandum Monday: What's New?

 I am hoping as I write this that we have a few days of real summer ahead of us. We have cut a lot of grass for hay so fingers crossed that the weather will hold long enough to dry and bale it.
 Our chief of Memorandum Monday Sian is taking a break this week but I thought I would still extend a wave to the Monday bloggers.
 So what's new? Well I have managed to photograph something that I have never captured before. 

I went with older daughter to check some cattle on a neighbouring farm when this little chap rushed to hide in the grass. A hare.

It soon rushed off into the hedge.

I am also enjoying a virtual tour around Europe learning about places I have never been lucky enough to visit. I have had this opportunity through a brilliant photo sharing album called ICloud Sharing. Our younger daughter has put photos of her trip into this shared album so we have all had a taste back home of her trip including Prague 

And Lake Bled.

How lucky we are to have modern technology. Wishing you all a lovely week and may the sun shine on you all.


  1. great captures of the hare. I love how easy it is to share a trip nowadays. have a great week with lots of good hay weather

  2. I like hares, bunnies & rabbits ... great action shots. Yes technology when it works is a great tool. Hope your daughter continues to have a wonderful time. For our virtual traveling we turn to a TV show called Rick Steve's Travel.

  3. Unlike you, we are wishing for a bit of rain. Our lawn has turned almost completely brown. On the other hand, this is the week for Tracy's family at a cottage on the Finger Lakes, so we do want some sunshine, too! Your daughter is visiting some wonderful sites. Prague is at the top of my bucket list.

  4. Well done with the hare shots. I saw them making hay on Countryfile last night - using a sythe! Looked like fun.

    Prague is an amazing city with amazing food - your pics brought back the memories! Glad to hear the trip is going so well.

  5. Hares are fascinating - perhaps because so hard to capture. Great pics.

    Enjoying the armchair tourism too! Xx

  6. I'm hoping for photos of Prague next week! Our girl is headed there a week tomorrow