Monday, 11 July 2016

Memorandum Monday: Then There Were Five

Good morning to you all on this Monday morning and a big wave to Sian  and all the other Mondayers. On a Monday we think about anything new we have learnt or done over the weekend.
Saturday started very early for us. I was up at 4.30 to get younger daughter to her train by 6am for the start of her 3 week Europe adventure.

 I am sure she will have lots of new and exciting experiences whilst inter railing. The wonderful thing about modern technology is that we are already sharing a small part of her adventure with her.
  Meanwhile we have had a pretty quiet weekend. There had been quite a scrabble at the end of last week to get some of the hay making done while the weather held. They were therefore glad to take things a little more easily on Saturday and Sunday. There has been some tennis watching going on as in many households across Britain but no football watching for us.
Up in the stable things have been developing. You may recall that I have been following the progress of a swallow's nest. You can see my previous posts here and here. You may recall that there were two chicks but things have developed since then and we soon realised that there were more!
On Friday I took this where you can see 4. Note the fluffy feathers still around their heads.

Yesterday I popped in for another peep. These are the normal occupants of the stables.

The parent birds take very little notice of the horses and they ignore me as long as I hide around the corner armed with my telephoto lens.

It hard work for them both keeping this growing family fed and as you can see not much space to hover when bringing the food.

Today we were in for a bit of a surprise. I popped in with the camera but didn't realise until I looked closely at the pictures othat although there appeared to be four.

There were actually five!

Which was more obvious later in the day. It seems they are beginning to overflow!

So actually there are even more mouths to be fed!


  1. Fantastic photos of your swallow family - oh what a treat to catch such action. Neat how the horses feel calm with you snapping away in the barn. Happy & safe travels to your daughter.

  2. wow 5 hungry chicks to feed - what a treat to see them so clearly. How exciting for your inter-railer and that you can enjoy it as it happens from the comforts of home

  3. I have a house martin's nest but can't see any of the chicks. The adults are there but no sign or sound of any babies.

    Hope your daughter has a wonderful time.

  4. I hope she has a wonderful trip! The memories she brings back really are ones which will last a lifetime

  5. Great photos - hard work now for the parent birds to feed all those hungry beaks!