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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Playing by the Sea

One of the prompts for Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt is No. 9 Someone playing with, in or around water. A trip to the seaside town of Sidmouth in South Devon was an ideal chance to look out for some snaps for this.
My day visit to Sidmouth was as part of a coach trip primarily organised for the elderly people from the lunch club where I help with the cooking. The helpers were also able to go and could also bring along a friend for £10 so my friend and I took advantage of this for a little day out.

Sidmouth is a fairly typical elegant small seaside town. It is a popular outing for the older generation due to being generally quite flat.

There were also quite a few young children enjoying the beach and water.

The older generation watched the water and activities from a safer distance.

On the further beach there were a number of dogs and their owners playing by the water.

We had a lovely walk along the beach. My friend acquainted herself briefly with the water.

I was a little braver.

Neither of us felt very brave after a little "ice cream" experience on the promenade. My friend has quite a bird phobia so it was quite fortunate for her that when a seagull fancied a taste of ice cream he chose my head to land on not hers. Perhaps he preferred toffee fudge to raspberry pavlova! We were both rather surprised by the incident even though we thought we had been keeping a close eye out. Needless to say I scolded my friend for running off without getting a photograph!



  1. Looks like a lovely outing! I'm quite sure I'd be a bit taken aback by a seagull landing on my head. Not a pleasant thought at all.

  2. a flat seaside town sounds good to me - love the picture of them all in the shelter watching proceedings - lovely to get your feet in the sea

  3. Beautiful - we don't have sandy beaches here - mostly high rocky west coast shorelines. Love the photo of the chairs.

  4. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside..this is one of those places I've heard of but didn't know what it looks like. Now I do!

  5. I have only visited Sidmouth in February when it was very quiet indeed!

    I really like your last photo of the two deck chairs - would make a great card!