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Sunday, 4 December 2016

5 in 5 : Waterfowl at the Lake

Each month on the 5th I join Sandie in her 5 in 5. The remit is that you take your camera and your timer to your chosen location. Set your timer for 5 minutes and get snapping. The tricky bit is choosing just 5 of these to show.
I am a dy early this month but I had to pop back to Chew Valley Lake with a query about our new binoculars. There were a lot of ducks where I had left the car so out came the camera!

1. A lot of the Ducks were sunbathing on the side of the dam.

2. Some were closer and looking out for any food going on a rather frosty morning.


4. I should think that everytime I have stopped in this car park there are some gulls in this position.

5. None of them are very friendly!


  1. What magnificent close ups. You must have been very quiet!

  2. Great collection! The third photo is just fabulous!

  3. I love going here to watch the birds too. I'm impressed, having looked at your post a number of times, I still see only five pictures ��

  4. Lovely photos and glad you have got your binoculars!

  5. These are wonderful Maggie. I too especially like the third photo, the feathers are so detailed. The birds can't feel the cold like we do, as they paddle in this ice cold water.
    Thank you for taking part this month and I hope you got your binoculars sorted out.

  6. Wonderful fowl photos - I really like the Mr Mallard photo, very handsome he is.