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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Recognising a Local Celebrity

I visit Nailsea most weeks to do a bit of shopping. This week the farmer came with me for a much needed haircut. The barbers is on a bit of the High St  that I rarely visit so I had not spotted a new addition since October.

This figure stands outside the pub The Royal Oak and is of Adge Cutler founder member of the Somerset band The Wurzels.

Their first LP was recorded at this pub in the town where he was brought up and lived.

The Wurzels were top of the charts when I was in my late teens and made a revival locally in more recent years. My older daughter went through a phase of listening to them. His statue includes his cider tankard which had me singing to myself "I am a cider drinker.." 


  1. That's a lovely, smiling statue of someone who brought many a smile to others with his songs. Not sure about the wrought iron house around it though..?

  2. My mum was the Wurzel fan in our house years ago. She'll still sing if asked..