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Friday, 16 December 2016

A Village Community

Have I mentioned that the student is home? I have been making good use of her putting her to work making Christmas table decorations.

Older sister joined in when she came in from work.

Between them they created 8 fabulous decorations for the tables at the Lunch club.

I think I have mentioned before that I help each month with a lunch club for Senior Citizens. Yesterday was their Christmas lunch. Turkey and all the trimmings, you know the kind of thing. So the student came down with me to help.
In recent months the local school has been forging links with the local community. Some of the children come to the lunch club each month to help serve the meals and talk to the ladies and gentlemen. This time the whole class of 10 years olds came to help. Their delightful smiling faces were lovely to see. They started by laying the tables and handing out their handmade cards and decorated serviettes.

There are quite a number of budding artists in this class.

The children then handed out the dinners and collected the dirty plates. One of them told me how much they love coming. I think they also enjoy helping "clear up" the extra sausages, roast potatoes etc!
While the coffees were being handed out the children sang a number of songs and carols complete with actions and percussion. I would love to show you some photos but I am sure you understand that I can't. So here are a few more pictures of their delightful art work.

Wonderful aren't they? I think this last one says it all.


  1. Their artwork is indeed absolutely wonderful. And charming. And just perfect.

    (And those table decorations are pretty fab too)

  2. Beautiful floral/greenery arrangements. Amazing art work.

  3. Great work by all and an excellent enterprise.

  4. A wonderful team effort and I am sure much appreciated. I like the card which combined the Christmas wishes with 'have a good dinner' wishes!

  5. What a fabulous post! I love it and feel quite moved thinking about the children being kind to the old folk.