Monday 5 December 2016

Memorandum Monday: Lunchtime Conversation

Morning all and sending a wave to Sian and all the Monday morning bloggers. So what's new this week? Well there has been a lot of frost about which judging by Helena and her followers on Snap has been pretty widespread. I couldn't resist a couple more frosty pictures for you and this time I didn't go wandering in my dressing gown. It was a bit further than the garden this time so I went suitably dressed in coat, hat and boots.
Those who follow me on Instagram will already have seen this one. How an ordinary little flower growing around the chicken house can be completely transformed by a touch of frost.

Then nearby an everyday fallen leaf.

This weekend we have been to a Sunday lunch 60th birthday party. Well that's new for a start. When did we get too old to have our parties in the evening?! Then there is the conversation. The new subjects now are mainly centred round entitlements at 60...  Free prescriptions, OAP entry rates, pensions, bus passes.... Did someone mention heating allowance? Oh dear, how did we get here? (Or nearly there, still a couple of years for me!).
Well there was still a birthday cake (technically cakes).

The birthday girl seemed to devise a new way to blow out the candles and no she didn't burn her nose.

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Frost does make for some enchanting photos. The sweet little cakes look yummy, and I'm not sure it's her nose I'd worry about her burning - I trust she started with the tray closest to her. ;-)

  2. I haven't seen any frost like that here, but I'm definitely a fan of your frosty photos!

  3. Pretty frosted flowers. Cupcakes (Fairy Cakes)are good as long as there are candles for wishing upon for that special Birthday wish. Happy week ahead.

  4. WE haven't had anything nearly so pretty round here! And I guess I could include the cupcakes as well as the frost in that. I saw an advert for a retirement village "for the over 55's" at the weekend and had to laugh at myself actually reading on..

  5. Happy to see more of that pretty spiky frost. That really is an intriguing way to blow out candles. It looks as if both her feet are off the ground!