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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt 2016

I was very pleased on 1st December to see that Eileen is holding her Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt again this year. It's great fun and everyone is encouraged to join in. Should you want to find out more click here. This is the list of subjects to photograph:-

1.   layers
2.   raindrops
3.   key
4.   a signpost with an image of an animal
5.   fur or feather
6.   river or canal
7.   glassware
8.   a seasonal treat
9.   diamond
10. winter weather
11. a photo taken outside at night
12. a market or market stall
13. cogs/gears
14. repetition
15. hands
16. a memory of your childhood
17. a church with a tower or spire
18. tools
19. bird table or bird feeder
20. cold
21. hygge - this one is compulsory, here's a link to an explanation of the meaning of hygge 

If you find any of the above hard to get you may substitute one or both of the subjects below, except No. 21 which is compulsory.
Alt A  a pinecone
Alt B  a shadow
Alt C  an angel

So where do we start? A few weeks ago I took a photo of the tree that I can see from my kitchen window to show the colourful leaves. This is the same view this week which could also be a possibility for 10 Winter Weather or 19 Bird table or feeder. 

So good luck if you do join in. I look forward to seeing your results when you link up with Eileen.

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